Goal Setting Sucks

Published: 16th February 2012
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Why Goal Setting Sucks

Are you the type of person that struggles with goals? What about New Year's Resolutions? To some, those are the kiss of death, to set a resolution or goal. People tend to have problems visualizing the outcome of such goals. On the other hand, they simply do not believe it to be possible, yet they set them anyway. In a way, this is a set up for failure. What is the point in setting a resolution if you know you will never meet it? Does this not severely reduce the productivity of whatever it is you need to do? Maybe we should call them intentions or aspirations. That way it sounds different. See: "I intend to lose 20 pounds." Or: "My goal is to lose 20 pounds."

There are two groups, the "goal accomplishers," and the "problem solvers." Some tend to run in the opposite direction when they hear the word goal. They have a built in resistant to the term, and automatically set up for failure. "I never reach my goals." It could be an aversion to the word, "goal." Alternatively, it could be a complete sabotage, that you think you simply cannot meet a goal, ever. It is a mental sabotage, because everyone can solve problems. We cannot live life without being able to solve problems and issues.

Problem solvers, on the other hand, are just the opposite; they attack anything that is associated with being an issue or a problem. However, they avoid setting goals. If weight loss needs to be a goal, they will not accomplish that. Because they say, "Weight loss of 20 pounds is my goal," automatically they dismiss it. Goals are like fairy dust, they do not exist. Nevertheless, if they say, "My weight is a problem, I can solve the problem by losing 20 pounds," then they have a plan. They can solve the problem, but they cannot reach the goal.

You can see the differences in the two areas of "goal setting." It boils down to what you call it and what you do or do not do about it. If you self-sabotage when you hear the term goal, then never set them. That way you will not fail. Maybe you are down on yourself for setting and failing to reach goals. The answer? The solution? Quit setting goals. Here is some irony, make a goal never to set goals, then actually meet this goal. Turn your issue around and call goals something else. Call them issues, problems, intentions, aspirations, call them something that will enable you to get up and take action with them.

If you want to do something like lose weight, call it an intention. If you intend on doing something, perhaps that will motivate you to take action in accomplishing it. Call it an issue. The issue is body fat. The solution is losing the body fat. Workout, eat right, lose the fat. Intention done. Right? Do you see the difference? It is a mental thing, it is a word. Change the word and it will change the actions, and if you will, the intentions towards it. If you want to create a positive flow to achieving rather than failing, throw goals out the window and adopt new terms.

If goal setting sucks to the point of stagnation, then stop setting goals. Declare intentions, aspirations, highlight problems and issues, then turn the tables and put action to these and work in achieving them. Maybe in time you will realize they are the same, but knock the mental block to goals by calling it something different. Be an achiever, a solver, go-getter, a doer.

Self-help has everything to do with a healthy life and a happy person. With many different ways to go about seeking the help you need, it is imperative to have advice and do research on where to go. Do your research and make 2012 the year of Positive Change!

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